Cyber Security

Identification and Access Control Technology

Midstream Technology works on a variety of access control technology, especially biometrics and identity cards to access network, network equipment, and computing devices.

Certification and Accreditation

Certification and Accreditation are generally government terms that reflect that a new software program or network device has been reviewed for security issues and is authorized to operate on that network. The problem is that despite all the good intentions of setting up C&A programs, most of the C&A activities have devolved in to a "cottage industry of bureaucracy" for lack of a better term. This can make getting approval to operate anything new on the network a very slow, laborious, expensive and frustrating process. Generally, technology evolves much faster than the C&A process can keep up with.

Midstream Technoloy personnel are well versed in security issues, with backgrounds in network engineering and software security reviews. We specialize in streamlining these processes - and teaching stakeholders how to accommodate them - to actually accomplish the goal of safeguarding the data and infrastructure without breaking the patience of all concerned.

Animal Mortality

Humans and other animals don't always mix well, and this is especially true of wild birds. Each year billions of birds are killed worldwide from running into buildings and towers, and birds also cause a substantial amount of damage to various crops and airplanes.

Sonic Nets

Sonic Nets is a benign method of deterring animals from an area with acoustic technology. Conventional and parametric speakers project unique sounds that interfere with how animals talk. That interference causes the animals to go around and leave an area - without habituating to the sounds.

Midstream Technology is commercializing Sonic Nets to reduce bird and animal damage to airplanes, agriculture and aquaculture, and reduce animal mortality from running into man-made structures.