Midstream Technology

Unconventional Solutions to Everyday Problems

Midstream Technology creates and commercializes new technology for remote sensing, biometrics, acoustics, and machine learning - the technologies of seeing things, identifying things and tracking things. One week you will find us engineering a low cost device to track ocean waves, and the next week you will find us setting up new acoustic technology to keep birds from running into wind turbines.

Our Programs

We work on a variety of programs that involve innovations in applied science, and while it sounds like a lot of different things, it is all related to waves. Sound waves, radio waves, light waves - all of these form the foundation of a lot of our work. We also have a great deal of software development, integration, and engineering expertise because almost every solution requires it - whether it is creating new integrated circuits, getting new iris scanners to work with access control technology, or investigating methods to track and clean up oil spills under the Arctic sea ice.

  • Acoustic Deterrence. We have developed and are now fielding a new way to project benign, unique low-volume sounds that interfere with animal communication - creating Sonic Nets - that keeps them from running into cell towers, eating your vineyards, or leaving small presents all over your boat.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Scientific Research.

Machine Learning

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